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Why paying and not using it? Sell your house in Barcelona

The fear of running into delinquent debtors tenants or with people not very careful with our housing is one of the main brakes when deciding to rent your house in Barcelona. Well, in Barcelona and everywhere. Nobody wants their things to be broken or stolen. However, the City Council of Barcelona raised last month a propposal to charge a fee of 633 euros to the owners of empty houses (at least 2 years empty). This has the aim of activating the real estate rental market in Barcelona but the problem, for the owners, is that this fee will be another cost to add to the expenses of having an empty house. According to some studies, this expenses are something between 1,800 and 2,300 euros a year from taxes, supplies, community, insurance fees and damage repair.

According to an analysis of the Spanish consumer organization OCU in which they have sampled 18 homes of 77 square meters located on the Spanish coast, the average of annual maintenance amounts for an empty house is about 1,791 euros. A figure that is higher according to the agency Insurance Rental, that mantains that a house of 80 square meters and two bedrooms in the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Sevilla, Alicante, Malaga, Vitoria and Bilbao carries an average cost of 2,270 euros per year . That could be quite annoying for a house you are not using.

If you have an empty house in the historic center of Barcelona and want to avoid these costs one of the best options is to rent it or, if you dare to plunge into a more risky adventure, to sell it. In both cases, in Casc Antic BCN we can help.

We are aware that in both cases, renting or selling a house, it is always a difficult decision. That’s why we recommend you to go to real estate professionals who can advise and guarantee you the best solutions. Casc Antic BCN is the only real estate company specialized in the old town of Barcelona, ​​with a high degree of knowledge of the characteristics of the different neighborhoods: Raval, Gothic, Borne and Barceloneta, which allows us to make correct assessments and provide the right customer to the properties we manage.

Quite often people think that anyone can sell a house. The truth is that it is not only a matter of uploading pictures on the Internet and waiting for a flood of people to call interested on buying your flat. It is not so easy: the first you have to do is to adjust your offer to the real estate market. That is, do you know which is the best price to sell your home? On the other hand, do you know the legal procedures for the sale of the house? Do you have knowledge of architecture and structures to update or reform the property in case the people ask? Do you have time to show the house, collect the information and assess those prospective buyers that seem more reliable?

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself if you want to sell your house in Barcelona in order to stop paying so much for keeping it empty. To sell or rent a house requires professionalism and guarantees results. And we can help you. If your house is in the old town of Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate: Casc Antic BCN is the only company specialized in the historic area and therefore we have the right tools and knowledge necessary to ensure a professional and effective management of the sale of your property. Ask us.

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