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Want to sell your flat in Barcelona?

apretón de manosTimes have changed, years ago publishing an advertisement in any of the real estate portals was enough to sell your flat, as well as just spreading the voice. Today it takes a lot more than that to sell your property.

Laws change as the market does: a real estate transaction is a more complex operation than before.
You have to know the mechanisms of sale, know about arras contract, certificates of occupancy and other legal issues. Follow the price fluctuations of flats for sale in the neighborhoods, reach as many potential buyers, open to the international market.
And, of course, find the time to bring all the visitors that will be needed to the flat.

Therefore, the best option to sell an apartment is to rely on the work of a specialized real estate agency.

Nowadays sell an apartment is neither quick nor easy. It can only be achieved with effort, professionalism and preparation.
Among the Old Town real estate agencies, Casc Antic BCN got distinguished by the level of expertise in the peculiar market of the center of Barcelona.
The perfect knowledge of the dynamics of the sector, together with the international expansion of the company, increase the number of contacts with customers really interested in buying a flat, and speeds up the sale of your property.

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