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The Mercè Festival 2018: a great festival to enjoy living in Barcelona

The Mercè Festival pays tribute to the patron saint of Barcelona, every year on September 24th, since she is attributed some miracles related to the city.

This Festival offers near 1000 activities along 5 days, in a brief yet very intense program: fire runs (Correfocs), human towers (Castellers), parades, folkloric dances (such as sardanes), concerts, etc.

History and evolution of the most important Festival in Barcelona

This Barcelona Festival was consolidated in 1902, when it started to be focused as a folk festival to show the cultural richness of the area.

The Mercè Festival has changed over time, according to the political scenario. Nowadays it is the reflection of democracy: citizens enjoy the street in a fun and cultural way.

Some activities and events in the Mercè Festival 2018

This Barcelona Festival has evolved over time, and nowadays its program includes both traditional activities, such as the mentioned above, as well as others: the BAM Music Festival, a popular marathon, audio-visual performances, the pyro musical show at the Fountains of Montjuïc, etc.

You can find the program of the Mercè Festival 2018 here.

A broad, gender equality based musical program in the Mercè Festival 2018

In total, the 2018 program includes concerts by 135 bands, from 19 countries: Love of Lesbian, Els Catarres, Dr. Calypso, Mercury Rev, Maika Makovsky, Green Valley and others, as well as classical music by the OBC and Vozes.

Homage will also be paid to Sala Apolo, celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Lisbon, guest city of the Mercè Festival 2018

Lisbon is the guest city of this Barcelona Festival in 2018, hosting the Night of Fados, a night of music and varied shows in several places throughout Barcelona.

Some Portuguese artists who will participate are Cuca Roseta and Camané (Fados), Pongo, Real Combo Lisbonense, Throes + The Shine, Surma, Bruno Pernadas and Capicua.

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It is the best time of the year to enjoy the mild autumn weather in Barcelona walking its streets adorned for the occasion and enjoying every moment of this Festival.

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