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How to improve your quality of life? Rent or buy an apartment in a neighborhood of Barcelona that has a local market

The current social trend when it comes to eating is to care again about the Mediterranean diet, going back to our origins and to the healthy and homemade food that we used to eat. Whether calling it realfooding or calling it grandma’s dishes, this trend inevitably leads us to do our groceries shopping at the best source of fresh, healthy and local ingredients: the municipal markets.

Therefore, if you are considering renting or buying an apartment in Barcelona, it is worth considering which municipal markets you will find nearby.

Shopping at the local market, a choice with plenty of advantages

Why renting or buying an apartment near a municipal market in Barcelona?

Apart from getting to buy fresh ingredients, the habit of doing the weekly groceries shopping at the local market will provide you with local ingredients and a personalized treatment. You will also be contributing to its continuity and to the quality of life in the neighborhood, and you will be doing a more sustainable and ecological shopping, since much less packaging is used if we compare it with shopping in large supermarkets.

Some of the neighborhoods that offer an interesting municipal market are: Sant Antoni Market and Santa Caterina Market in Ciutat Vella, Boqueria Market in La Rambla and close to Barri Gòtic, Concepció Market in l’Eixample (right side), Mercat del Ninot in l’Eixample (left side), Sants Market, Galvany Market and Sarrià Market in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, El Carmel Market, La Llibertat Market in Gracia, Horta Guinardó Market, Barceloneta Market, Poblenou Market… And Casc Antic Real Estate Agency has properties for sale or rental in all of these neighbourhoods.

Further information in the Barcelona Markets search engine.

Buying or renting an apartment in neighborhoods with municipal markets

In Casc Antic Real Estate Agency, we are also experts in the rental and purchase of local apartments from our neighborhoods: we know the areas where we work and this guarantees our professionalism and your satisfaction when choosing your apartment together for rent or purchase in Barcelona.

Contact us for further information about our available apartments for rent and purchase.

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