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Where to take the best selfies in Barcelona?

We are aware we live in the social media era, so that is why, knowing where to take the best selfies in Barcelona might be important.
During this article, we will talk about some places that will help you to increase your number of “likes”. Sounds good right?

Find out the perfect selfie while sightseeing the city.

Tourism in Barcelona is indeed so interesting. Hereunder we will tell you some spots to take the best shoots so you can upload them at social media:

La Sagrada Familia

Doubtlessly, la Sagrada Familia is one of the main emblems of the city. Can not leave Barcelona without taking a picture of it. We strongly recommend to take different pictures from all of its sides so you will have shoots of the old side and the new one.

El Tibidabo

To many, is the best viewpoint in Barcelona. You will be able to discover up many amazing spots at the Tibidabo where to take an incredible photo. From the church you will be able to view the whole city right under your feet, a picture you cannot miss.

El Barrio Gótico (Gotic Neighborhood)

The best you can do at the Gótico is to get yourself lost through its streets, this way you will find a lot of streets and places that will leave you speechless.

Find your own spots to take a great picture.

The common places to visit are such like Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, Barcelona Cathedral… among others.

La Casa Batlló

No doubt it definitely is one of the most photographed spots of the whole city, and designed by the emblematic Antonio Gaudí. There two options to take yourself a good selfie there: the first one is taking the shot from the outside, with the façade right behind you, or the second option is to take it at the rooftop among the original chimneys.

Park Guell

Another masterpiece from Antonio Gaudi and beautiful park to get lost. There you will find lots of hidden places to take beautiful selfies. A good selfie you can get is at the Salamander staircase due to its colors and shapes; it will be the perfect selfie.


Another beautiful viewpoint in the city. Take a selfie at the Magic Fountain or at the Palace.

There a lot of places that will leave you breathless. Want to know a secret? The best time to get a picture is at the sunset, or as well known as golden hour. With the sunset behind the Magic Fountain you will be able to capture the perfect photo.

Your followers will love you even more.

In conclusion, getting selfies in Barcelona to capture your followers is not going to be a hard job, as the city holds beautiful spots where to take incredible pictures. The Condal City owns beautiful and interesting spots, amazing terraces but above all, an awesome culture.

Do not miss it and start planning your own route, the city is waiting for you!

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