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It is a special day in which the LGTB collective show themselves. A party to which everyone is welcomed. ¿Are you going to miss it? Do you want to know the place, date and more information about it? Read down below!


Gay Pride in Barcelona


The Barcelona Gay Pride will take place between the 28th and the 29th of June at Maria Cristina Avenue. However, there is a programme with many different activities which start Saturday the 15th of June from 1pm to 9pm, including “vermut” at Compte Borrell 22 with the main porpoise of creating and obtain a rescue fund to the elderly trans, as a way to thank them the path the opened to many of us.

Saturday 16th of June, between 12 pm and 20pm we will be able to enjoy quite a day at Tibidabo. Saturday 22th of June will take place at

Consell de Cent and Casanova a trade show and market with music and animation.

Saturday 27th, is going to be pronounced the Gay Pride Day Proclamation at Plaza Universitat at 17pm and it will last until 11pm.
Friday 28th of June, music shows and concerts will be performed at Maria Cristina Avenue around 11pm and 2am.
Saturday 29th of June, besides more music shows, also is going to take place the important Gay Pride Parade. Moreover, there will be games and competition such like the high heel race. The Pride Drag Exhibition will be celebrated on the same day.

On the other hand, Barcelona owns a lot of gay friendly places to celebrate the Gay Pride Day. They can be reached or visited on that day or all year along. The majority of them are concentrated at the Gayxample, known as the Barcelona Gay Neighborhood par excellence
Also, some companies have organized different tours around Barcelona in order to get to know a lit bit more about the history of rights of this collective. Doubtlessly, a marvelous plan to discover a different Barcelona.

For the beach lovers, you should know that the Marbella beach, is the gay beach in which as well you can practice nudism, in case you want to get rid of your swimming suit.


Gay friendly places:


1. Arena disco, a city classic.

2. D-Mer club, for drinks and just for women.

3. Strass, to the show lovers.

4. Antinous Bookstore, specialized in gay literature.

5. The “Panteres Grogues” Association. A sportive club where the gay collective might practice all kind of activities freely. More the 700 people are part of it.

Remember the date and go the International LGTB Pride Day! A fun, nice and interesting environment to have such an experience.

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