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What is the porpoise of the Energy Certificate?

If you have heard about the “Energy Certificate” and yet, you are not sure what exactly it is, don’t worry, here we will try to solve all your doubts.

¿What is an Energy Certificate?

It is an official and technical document which determines the energy level of your house. It includes some non mandatory tips or advices which could improve your house efficiency. It also will provide you an energy validation which you will have to publish in case you sell your house someday.

Energy levels are classified with alphabet letters; from A for the most efficiency, to G to the lower one. The idea is to achieve the best power consumption in long term across the whole European Union.

This certificate depends on the property size, the building thermal enclosure (walls, windows, doors, window shutters…) the different amenities that might have (heater, air conditioner, radiant floor, solar panels, and by analyzing the building surroundings (the shadows, orientation…)

Ask for an energy certificate has not an stablished cost; it depends on the own company or professionals whom fix the price. Asking for this certificate in Barcelona might be not that expensive if you ask for a personalized budget.

¿Which buildings need an Energy Certificate?

This certificate is destined for new construction buildings, those for sale or rent and public buildings bigger than 250 square meters which tend to be crowded with lots of people.

Those building owners whom are in any of these cases and do not have an energy certificate might be facing economic sanctions from 300€ to 6.000€.

¿What is it for?

Your building will have a higher or lower efficiency level depending on the alphabetical letter it gets.
This might make a huge difference when buying or selling your property since the possible buyers or tenants might request for the certificate as it can mean for them to save lots of money when paying the monthly bills relying on the building efficiency level.

The professionals are the ones to elaborate this certificate, even though it is on you the responsibility to ask for it as owner. Specifically the ones able to create it are technic engineers, industrial engineers and architects.

Once this certificate is done, you must register and deliver it to all those people that might be interested in your property as you will need it eventually when your property is sold or rented.

¿How many years of validity does it have?

It will last 10 years. Once it is over, the owner will have to arrange and redo all the proper formalities to get a new one.
In those cases, the owner renovates the property and it affects the efficiency of the property, should ask for another certificate.

This certificate is a really useful and practical document. For further information contact the professionals.

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