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How was developed the house price in Barcelona?

The house price in Barcelona is a fact that attracts attention as each time more there is an increase of the prices at the same time that claim for them also raises.
Therefore, buying a property in Barcelona might be something you want to think twice before doing it.

The key points of the property high prices in Barcelona:

Studies have proven that a price from a lot of properties in the city have increased, and as it perfectly is shown at the annual summary, this development is already near of the 7%.
Thus, the prices are being each time more inflated in an enviable city to live.

Furthermore, the perspectives for this 2019 show that might be a good time either to sell or buy properties. In fact, TINSA IMIE LOCAL MARKETS INDEX has shown this increment in Barcelona.

Although, the transactions data base from the first term of the year, set the average price in 3.389€/square meter; meaning a price fall of 23.7% regarding the historical maximum values of the city.

Why buying a property in Barcelona?

The evolution in 2019 is incredibly positive and the property average price meant a value 0, 2%, higher than last year at the same time and zone. This way, the evolution from 2018 at the same timing meant an increase of 1, 4% in Barcelona.

On the other side, in order to stablish a starting point of the current prices it is needed to trace back to 2001. Since then, there has been an evolution to the present day higher than 1456 points.
This way, the average time of a property selling in Barcelona is around 8 months.
So, indeed now it is a perfect time to buy or sell a property.

Also we need to highlight the importance of an estate advisor: she/he will advise you about the best city zones and the best properties regarding price and quality.

Also, the best places to live in the city are around Sagrada Familia, Passeig de Gracia, Diagonal Mar and Ciutat Vella.

Ultimately, even though the property value in Barcelona has increased in the past years, it also has adapted to the markets and now it is really a good time to sell or buy a property.

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