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Did you know that your house could be entirely transformed by just painting it?
Effectively, you can do unimaginable stuff by just painting each part of your house.
Do you think it is necessary to take the walls of your house down or redecorate it in order to feel it new? No way! You can also get a new house by using the magic of the colors.

Tips to paint your place:

Next, we are going to share some secrets to enlarge rooms or visualize it larger thanks to the paint.

Make a difference between the living room and the dining room:

If your living room and the dining room share the same space, the best way to divide both places is by painting its walls in different colors. For example, the dining room could be black and the living room could be nude or purple.

Stripes can either trim or widen:

Vertical stripes will make the visual effect that the roof is higher than before; horizontal stripes will make the visual effect that your room is wider.

Use this tip to get an optical illusion in order to transform your smaller rooms into larger ones. But, do not extremely decorate the rooms with stripes or eventually will overwhelmed you.

To enlarge your saloon:

Doubtlessly, a dark and small saloon can be converted into a brighter and larger one, just by painting in light and white colors all its walls. It also will add extra light.

Higher ceilings:

If you want your ceiling to feel higher, it is recommended to paint in bright and light colors, as the reflection produced by the color will help to produce this feeling of height.

You also may help to decorate it by painting the walls with contrasted colors.

Endless dark corridors?

If you want to light up long and boring corridors at the same time as transforming them into a warm part of your house, you can achieve it by painting the walls of the corridors with warm colors.

Also you can paint the frames with a colder color.

Decoration tips for children’s room

Among others, here you have the following ones:

To sleep in the clouds: if you are looking for your kids to feel comfy and happy in their rooms, you can paint both, ceiling and walls in a bright blue. They will feel as they are part of the sky.

At the same time, you also can draw at the walls little clouds or birds in order to maximize the sky effect.

The lighting is crucial

Lighting effect is an essential tip. Be sure that the room is always lighted up.

Definitely, if you combine the magic of painting and our useful tips, you will be able to get visually bigger and wider places, at the same time as they get nicer and cozier.

Did you like the former tips to paint and decorate your house? Share with us your opinion and tell us which were your favorites!

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