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Even though moving to Barcelona is, generally, an excellent option, we cannot deny that there are some neighborhoods with greater charm than others. Lots of times, we forget about some central and special zones when searching for a place to live; that is why, we would like to refresh you some of the pros of living in “La Barceloneta”.

The beach and some touristic spots of the neighborhood:

One of the key points of La Barceloneta is that is a place with a lot of history; therefore, there are lots of places to visit. Around two hundred years ago, the seaside town was settled over this place, explaining why almost all monuments over there, are related to the sea, such like, the Aquarium or the Maritime Museum.

La Barceloneta beach is one of the city’s main attractions as it takes kilometers and kilometers of sand. Owning a property in front of the Mediterranean Sea, allows you to rent your place at summer time or at any other time of the year and take economic profit thanks to the tourism.

Buying a house in Barcelona in a cheerful neighborhood:

Besides the thousands of tourists that every year Barcelona welcomes and turns La Barceloneta in a cheerful and bustle place, this neighborhood, by itself is already a lively and cheerful zone. As it is spotted in a really centric place of the city, it is so easy to find restaurants with all kind of price rates for all kind of pockets. Of course it also has a lot of nightlife.

As the good weather approaches, the younger population of Barcelona as well frequents the beach, the harbor… in order to enjoy the concerts, festivals… that Barcelona offers. It is impossible to get bored!

All services and facilities at your disposal:

You have already checked that La Barceloneta is a neighborhood which offers different activities and plans. Nevertheless, it also provides lots of facilities which make of this zone a comfortable and easy-to-live in, no matter what your life style is.

At the neighborhood, you also have a wide range of educational facilities, from kindergarten to universities and colleges (UPF for example), as well, there are public and private medical centers, supermarkets and little markets… To access to the complete list you can address to the City Council page web.

Moreover, the subway station “La Barceloneta” will connect you with lots of different points of the city.

Now you know many good reasons to live in La Barceloneta. If you wish to know even more about the renting and selling of properties in this zone of the city, do not hesitate and contact us!

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