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If you are looking for a place to live with children, in this paper, you will find a selection of the best neighborhoods of the “Ciudad Condal” to enjoy with your family day a day.
Not only is a basic need to own a suitable accommodation, but it should be surrounded by all kind of facilities so your little ones grow up in a comfortable and safe place.

Counting with the assistance of a real estate consultant in Barcelona, will help on your search of the house of your dreams thanks to his/her experience and knowledge on the sector.
Main factors to search for the ideal neighborhood for children; although each person has his/her own preferences; there exist a list of general common features to all kind of search for the happiness of the family.

Hereafter, there are listed some of the most important ones:

– It should be a safe neighborhood so you can walk your kids peacefully without the fear of being robbed.

– Having around schools with high reputation is an important issue so your kid gets a quality education.

– Kids like to play at the park and it is important for them in order to socialize with other kids in play zones.

– Keep in mind the public transport so you and your family are always well connected.

– A required resource to have around is the existence of hospitals or medical centers around the zone, if you need them in an emergency occasion.

Which are the best children adapted zones to buy a property in Barcelona?

Even though having the chance of living in Barcelona is already a privilege, there are some recommended zones to buy a home in the city thinking about the little ones of the family:

Pedralbes: it is a neighborhood located uptown of the city and considered one of the most prestigious and luxury neighborhoods of the city.

Les Corts: it has evolved into becoming in a great children friendly zone. There are lots of activities for kids, green zones and parks and fully equipped infrastructures.

Sarrià- Sant Gervasi: one of the most exclusive ones due to the amount of sportive zones, great schools, libraries…

Gràcia: one of the best pros of this zone is its location as it is well connected and has lots of public transport that a family may need.

Eixample: an ideal zone to live with your family. It is surrounded with all kind of facilities and installations so your child will be able to play with other kids.

Now you know a little bit more about the suitable zones to live with children it is time for you to start searching.

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