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Selling a property might turn into a complex procedure, but if you count with professional help as we offer at Casc Antic BCN, you will be able to take a lot of profit from the price of your property, achieving good economic benefits when closing the sale.

Down below, we provide you some tips to set a final price:

The neighborhood where your property is located will set its initial value per square meter. However, the exact location where it is situated will play an important role when setting the final price.

It is not the same a property located in the city center, with all kind of public transport and facilities nearby, than one located at the outside. On the same neighborhood, having in front of home a school or a dance club will turn into an important issue when considering selling your house.

It is really important to have always in mind the price market to sell your house.

As in all kind of markets, what will determine the value of a property is the law of supply and demand. In neighborhoods with high demand and low supply, we will be able to set higher prices as our property will become a coveted one on the market.

On the other hand, if our price is set above the limit that people is willing to pay, it will be really hard to sell it. A real estate agency in Barcelona will help you valuing all factors to keep in mind at the time of fixing the value of your property.

Financing conditions may turn your property into a more appealing one.

All kind of payment facilities and financial options will make the sale more achievable, meaning that will make it easier for you to sell it.

The conditions or repairs that the house needs will make the difference for the first impressions.

People say that the first impression is the one that counts; that’s why it is important to keep the house in good condition to get more out of it.

Depersonalize the decoration and keep it clean are two essential tips, that besides being cheap, will mean and help a lot!

Marketing actions will help to bring attention and clients to your property.

A real estate agent will offer knowledge and experience in the field. Thanks to the data base, the agent will plan a good marketing strategy to help you on your sale. From contacting potential clients to organize an open house day. They will know what to do to offer you the best option.

Contact us to set the price of your property and suitable to the market and plan all kind of strategies to accelerate the sale.

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