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Renting a place in the Eixample is always a good investment as it is a cheerful and lively neighborhood with all kind of facilities around. What is around this zone? What are the advantages of living around? These are some questions that will be solved in the following lines:

Special features of the Eixample neighborhood:

On the Eixample you will be able to discover a lot of Catalan history and charming streets. It is characterized by its wide avenues, historical architectonic buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, designed by Gaudi. Moreover, at this zone of the city you will enjoy the beautiful gardens and parks where you can take a walk or play any sport.

Which are the advantages?

Barcelona is an innovating city full of culture and entertainment, and in addition, at the Eixample, you will discover that it is a perfect zone to live.

Hereafter, there are some advantages about renting a place around:

– Its streets are perfectly lighted up and always crowded with people walking around. It is a safe zone either by day or by night.

– It is well connected to everywhere with the public transport; bus, train, subway…

– As well there are all kind of facilities such like hospitals, schools, pharmacies, sports centers, supermarkets, restaurants… among others.

Which kind of houses/flats can I find at the Eixample?

Most of the places to be rent at the Eixample are really large, with several rooms and small terraces. To find the house of your dreams it is recommended to be advised by professional real estate agencies. They will provide you with the best resources they own to help you choose the best places around.

Hereafter, there are detailed some features of the houses and apartments at the Eixample:

1. In the right side of the Eixample you will find wider and diaphanous apartments with modern architecture.

2. Around the Sagrada Familia predominate modern buildings but also some remain with modernist appearance.

3. At Fort Pienc, there are located buildings not so high but with little private balconies.

4. At the left side of the Eixample, you will be able to choose between the old or new zone. Also some buildings have little patios on the inside.

5. Sant Antoni, is the most tradicional zone at the Eixample and as well, the cheapest one. Problably you’ll like to live around. The buildings in this zone are older but the majority are in good conditions or renovated.

What makes the Eixample a special neighborhood is the wide range of markets there are, as all the facilities and public transport you will be able to enjoy! Renting an apartment here is always a good investment.

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