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Casc Antic, una inmobiliaria de éxito. Nuestro crecimiento según

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claudio lo curlo y jenaro lopez directores de Casc Antic BCN

The growth and importance of our real estate activities in the city center were subjected to an exhaustive note on the blog of Eduard Andreu, partner and commercial director of, leading real estate portal in Spain.

«Casc Antic, the success story continues»

In late 2010, veteran real estate agency Casc Antic, located in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, decided to hire a content manager.
It is a member of the team whose sole mission is to ensure that the properties managed by the agency are properly updated, improve web positioning and seo, collect market information for each property and transmit it the owner and ensure that all the contacts will be quickly answered by the sales team.

And best of all: the existence of this figure in the company ensures a 30% increase in sales.

The idea seemed so potent that it was explained in this post :
Cómo aumentar un 30% las ventas
which appeared in the newsletter, was published in news and accumulates 4,000 readings
success stories: Casc Antic or how to increase your properties ‘ sales a 30%
and almost always we mention it in the online marketing courses we teach throughout the year for the real estate industry.

At that time, Claudio and Jenaro were already planning to grow more. The project was to open a 2nd office in the same district. No doubt such a project in 2011 was a heroic attempt. But it went well.
Two years later, while they continue increasing the trading volume and create many new jobs with the second office, they present their new brand image through their websites,

which also include new services that extend their commercial offer:
– International presence
– Appraisal
– Certificate of occupancy
– Energy Performance Certificate
– Handling of estates and foreclosures

among many others.
You can see the full explanation in this brochure in PDF format.

A growth process in which they have invested effort and enthusiasm, and reflects beautifully a story of success that continues.

Congratulations Casc Antic!

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