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Casc Antic Real Estate Agency recommends: remodelled apartment rental in Barcelona

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Living downtown Barcelona, in quarters such as Barri Gòtic or El Born, is perfect to move around the city on foot or by public transport, to enjoy its beautiful streets and its cultural and leisure offer.

In these Barcelona neighborhoods there are several remodelled rental apartments, and at Casc Antic Real Estate Agency we consider them an excellent option, because they offer all the advantages of a new apartment with all the advantages of living downtown Barcelona.

Comfort: the remodelling has already been made for you

Remodelling an apartment is a tedious job: getting the building permits, the choice of materials, the realisation and supervision, the painting, the cleaning… One of the greatest advantages of renting a remodelled apartment is that all this work has already been done.

Move in faster, and live more calm

Since the rental agreement is made until you actually start living there, everything is much faster, because there are usually no damages or pending repairs; everything will be in good condition.

Everything is new: downtown rental living as in a new apartment

You are going to live in a brand new apartment, recently remodelled with modernity and good taste. Everything will work perfectly.

Modern decoration

In the case of remodelled apartments, the finishes, the furniture and the decoration are usually very cared and modern. However, we recommend that you choose your apartment as soon as possible, because these are the most attractive properties, and they are usually rented quickly!

Satisfaction: long-term rental

Since you are going to live very comfortably in your remodelled apartment, without any maintenance problems, you will surely live there for a long time, saving on paperwork, house movings, etc.

Large variety of remodelled rental apartments in Barcelona

In Casc Antic Real Estate Agency we have several remodelled apartments for rent, in various downtown neighborhoods in Barcelona. Do not hesitate to contact us to see which ones are available in the neighborhood of your choice.

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