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Saving in air conditioning is one of the best methods in order to reduce the bills at the end of the month.

In today’s post, we are going to collect a few practical tips to help you to reduce the consumption on electrical appliances, such us the air conditioning.

We all are well aware that in Spain, summer months turn out to be really hot. It is really weird to find a place or a home that does not own one or even two or more air conditioning appliances to cool down and beat the heat.
Anyhow, it is important for you to know some tips or ways to work it in order to avoid an irresponsible or unnecessary consumption, specially, if you are living on a rent and you are willing to reduce costs.

1. Pay attention to levels:

The energetic level will show you the energy rating of the appliance. The ideal case would be to stand letters “A” or “B” and if it is followed by a “+” is even better. This means that the energy consumption of the household appliance is minimum, although it might be a little more expensive when buying it.

2. Take care of the maintenance:

Keeping the filters in good state will help the appliance to work properly, so it won’t need more energy to cool itself.
The dirtier the filters are, the hardest will be to get a good temperature.

3. Keep a good temperature:

Ideally, the temperature should be no higher than 26 degrees; the hotter it gets, more energy it will consume. We strongly recommend to regulate the temperature gradually.

4. Minimize the heat at home:

Pull down the shutters, keep the windows and doors closed… will help to maintain the strong heat out a little bit no matter how old your apartment is.
Both, your air conditioning appliance and your money pocket will thank it when the bill comes.

On the other hand, avoid to use the air at nighttime as it might numb your joints and dry your mucous and might lead waking up soared and painful. The best tip is to open the windows and if you have, get cooled by a fan.

5. Shut down the air conditioning before leaving your place:

Obviously we do not recommend to leave your house and keep the air condition running if nobody is home. But even if you shut it a little bit earlier before leaving, you will notice that the cold will keep itself longer through the house, and will help you at the same time to safe money.

6. Ask the specialists to reduce your bill:

Depending on your house condition, the proper refrigeration system might be different. That is why, is recommended to get advised by a specialist on the sector.

Follow these tips to safe on air conditioning. You will not regret it.

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