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Choosing the perfect sofa where to rest at your house after work is somehow at the same time exciting as a headache if it is not done properly.

All details count, from the height and size to the number of spots we want it to fit, its legs, the type of fabric, even the color.

Too many options right? In this article we will explain you some tips on how to choose your sofa and not dying in the attempt. We just ask from you to focus on the general idea of what you are looking for. For the rest, just follow our tips!

How to choose the sofa that matches your decoration and furniture?

The couch/sofa is maybe one of the most important parts of our living room along the decoration and the rest of the furniture. That is why you should make an effort and focus to choose the best option:

Locate the spot. First thing is to know where the sofa will be located. Analyze the room and decide if it will be tapped to the wall, if you will put it in L form, J form, or if it will not be right tapped to the wall and instead it will work as a division mark.

Size everything. The space that you will assign to the sofa, the wall’s length, its height… and afterwards, determine how long do you want your sofa to be. Keep in mind other stuff such like tables, paintings… always leaving some room to walk through easily.

Think about your family needs. How many members of the family will live in there? The answer to this question is important in order to answer the following one: how many places need the sofa to accommodate? Think about the wall sizes and calculate that a two spots sofa measures a minimum of 1,50 meters and a maximum of 1,90 meters. If it is a three people sofa, the minimum will be 2 meters and the maximum 2,50m. there are other designs bigger, for example for 4 or 5 people but it will be needed a larger space.

The utility is key to everything.
You almost have all figure out to buy the proper sofa for you, but maybe you are missing something highly important; what will be its main functionality? Will it be used as decoration or as somewhere to be comfortable? Will it be destined to your friends and visits or for you own? Will children use it?

Answering this kind of questions will be useful to solve some matters that might be bothering you at the time of buying it. It will help you to ask yourself about the strength of the sofa, the color, the fabric…

¿Now, are you ready to buy it?

Choosing the best sofa is an important step to define your living room style. Whit this tips we are sure you will be able to find the best option.

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