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The “home staging” comes from The United States and it is referred to the selling techniques that will help you to sell your house in Barcelona, in less time and at the best price possible.

With the home staging technique your house will get a new aspect and a more modern one, highlighting its strengths and getting it ready to be sold.

Which principles compose the home staging in order to sell your house in Barcelona?

This American technique is intended to transform your home in a comfy and cozy one, neutral and where the possible buyers are decided to buy it.

In order to adapt the house to the home staging, there some steps to be followed:

1. Clean and tidy up

2. Repair the damages

3. Organizing the space

4. Clear up the rooms

5. Depersonalize as much as possible

What are the advantages of using the home staging?

When a buyer visits a property for sale, besides the price, there are some other aspects that the house must project. In other words, the person should be able to visualize himself or herself living in that house and feel it.

If the decoration of your house is too excessive, the person that comes and see it won’t feel identified with it; that’s why the home staging proposes the depersonalization of the house by eliminating all photos, familiar stuff… to help you sell the house.

The importance of the cleaning:

Houses that are dirty, untidy… are difficult to sell. The client will try to bargain the price to get a lower one by manifesting all kind of damages the client has seen.

If your house is super clean, there won’t be any kind of circumstances to ask for a price reduction.

Respect the proportions:

A small living room with a huge sofa or a tiny bedroom with a king size bed, are some mistakes that might be easily done when decorating the house.

And even though you might have felt comfy at your house, when the time comes to sell it, it is better to clear all rooms up.

In order not to have all rooms overflowed, get rid of the furniture that are not that necessary. A professional can advise you about which of your furniture should be stored up.

Another tip it is to redefine all spaces of your house, for example: an empty room can be a new play room. This way the new possible buyers might sense the room not as storage one but as a simple bedroom.

The goal is that the new buyer gets an idea of what is he going to buy and being able to imagine it.
What other tips would you include in the home staging to help you sell your house?

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