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In order to sell your house with security and efficiency you must have all documentation ready and in place. This way the procedures will go faster and you will avoid delays and any kind of inconvenient.

Some documents are mandatory all over the country. Moreover, depending on the autonomous community you are in, you may have to handle some other documents.

In this paper we will help you which are the documents you need and how to get them if you are missing some of them.

Documents needed:

The Scriptures

The main document the Title to Property of your house, which proves that the property is of your own.

Residents Association certificate.

This document is issued by the property manager and the document states the debts of the owner with the resident association. It must be signed by the manager and the president.

Energy performance certificate:

Since June 2013 this certificate is mandatory in order to be able to sell your house. This document shows the house efficiency level by different levels.

ITE certificate:

If you sell your house, the law requires you to handle this certificate to the buyers, in case, your property was forced to be under this revision. In the other hand, if you did not need to do it, it is not mandatory.

What if you do not have the ITE certificate? If you do not own it, you can negotiate with the buyer to get exonerated from getting it. Normally, the two parts would get an agreement with the final price reduced.

Occupancy certificate:

You need this certificate if you want to sell your house in Barcelona. With this document funds that your house is in line with the current regulation.

How do you get it? You should call a specialist, like an architect, and ask for the occupancy certificate. The specialist will do a house review and check everything is all right. If everything is correct then, the specialist will deliver the document which must be signed as well by the Professional College.

The last IBI receipt.

By the time you sell your house, all your IBI receipts must be paid. The IBI is the property tax. Some notaries ask for the last three, four or even five last IBI receipts. This is to ensure that all the receipts are paid by the time of selling the property.

Remaining debt certificate:

If you have a mortgage loan you will have to show as well a remaining debt certificate, specifying the outstanding amount.

Simple note:

If you don’t have a mortgage or you will pay it before the time of selling, a simple note of the Register will proof that the property is free of any charges.

To sell a house are needed many documents. Ask an expert so you get professional advice in order to speed up the process.

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