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6 tips to rent your property in Barcelona, by Casc Antic Real Estate Agency

Are you the owner of a property in Barcelona? Are you planning to rent it? Following these tips from the Casc Antic Real Estate Agency you will be able to safely rent your property in Barcelona.

1) Get to know the tenant well: we recommend checking their payroll, work contract and name in the Defaulters Registry, to check their ability to pay and their job stability.

If you think this is a delicate step but you still wish to rent your property in Barcelona with guarantees, involving a professional in the process will make it easier for the potential tenant to give this information to a professional from a Real Estate Agency in Barcelona, such as Casc Antic.

2) Data that should not be missing in the contract: clearly stated rental price, rental period (usually 3 years), areas of the property, included furniture and appliances, if you accept pets or not, forms and guarantees of payment.

3) Rental insurance. From the Casc Antic Real Estate Agency we recommend holding a rental insurance.

4) Other guarantees: optionally, in addition to the deposit you can ask for some other monthly payments as a guarantee of payment or in case of damage of the property. You can also request an endorsement and, in both cases, it must appear in the contract.

5) Declare the benefits of renting to the Treasury: the economic benefits of renting a flat in Barcelona must be reported fiscally. From the Casc Antic Real Estate Agency we recommend entrusting to a consultant the fiscal procedures related to the rental of a flat in Barcelona, to guarantee that all the paperwork and corresponding payments are made in a timely and legal manner.

real estate agency in Barcelona, for property rentals

6) Trust a real estate agency in Barcelona with experience and expertise in the area, such as Casc Antic: the process will be much simpler, since we manage several of the mentioned points, besides analyzing the average price of several areas in Barcelona, working on attractive advertising, etc.

In the Casc Antic Real Estate Agency we will rent your property, and we will also do it with all the guarantees of time, security, legality and profitability.

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