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Rent your house in Barcelona with guarantees

People who think about renting their houses are often reluctant to trust real estate agencies and they prefer to negotiate directly with potential tenants. In this way, they think, they can better control who will live in their house. If you are thinking of renting your house in Barcelona and want to do so with certain guarantees, you may find yourself facing this dilemma.

While the last option, that of direct dealing with potential tenants, seems more convenient (who better than you to select them), truth is that in the long run it causes more inconvenience and problems because … Do you have time to show the house for rent, do you have access to all the real estate portals? Do you know how to write a legal contract? Or make sure the tenant is solvent? That is why to save yourself from headaches, the best option to rent your house is to trust a real estate agent. And now another question: how to choose a real estate in Barcelona that offers the maximum guarantees?

Ask for professionals

When it comes to delegate the rental of a house to a real estate, it is desirable to look for the one that offers the greatest confidence and maximum security since it is going to take charge of your house, manage all the advertising related to the rent, show it to the interested persons and, above all, it will be in charge of advising you throughout the rental process and will be the intermediary between you and the tenant.

The first recommendation, then, is that before you put your house and your information in unknown hands, you look for professionals. In Catalonia there is an official register of real estate agents (AICAT), through which each agent must certify their capabilities and submit a civil liability policy. As a professional real estate agency, Casc Antic BCN has its own registration number (no. 3272) in order to offer its clients the highest guarantees of trust and credibility.

Choose specialization

No one knows a house better than the one who lives in it. And it is the same with the neighborhoods. Sometimes you can see how real estate agents from other areas of the city manage houses in the old town of Barcelona, one of the most demanded areas. This is a problem since ignorance of the neighborhood and its streets may result in the choice of a tenant who, in the long run, does not feel comfortable with the surroundings. Casc Antic BCN is the only specialized real estate agent in the old town of Barcelona and, since March, in the neighborhoods of Poble Sec and Sant Antoni which allows their real state agents to make correct valuations. In addition, it has an important network of national and international real estate companies that consult and request our properties permanently to satisfy their own demand. This means that when Casc Antic BCN manages a property, it will also be offered by other partners from Spain, Germany, China, Russia, Israel, France, UK, Italy and USA, among others.

“Can you offer a comprehensive service?”

Among the questions that you should ask before hiring a real estate agent in Barcelona to rent your apartment, you must also ask if they can offer you a comprehensive service because renting a house involves much more than showing the property to potential tenants. This comprehensive service must include knowing the legal procedures, manage and analyze the visits of the property in order to rent the house to the best applicants, advertise the house in different media and real estate portals, in addition to exposing it in your property section of their office and/or web page.

These are some ideas that you must consider if you want to rent your house in Barcelona. Always requires professionalism and guarantees of results. If your home is in the historic center of Barcelona, ​​in Poble Sec or Sant Antoni, do not hesitate: Casc Antic BCN is the only real estate agency specialized in these areas and, therefore, has the right tools and knowledge to ensure a professional and effective management of the rental of your property, with comprehensive advice from the beginning of the process until the signing of the contract. Contact us.

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