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Living in Barcelona is the dream of many people whom want to achieve a harmonious and balanced coexistence and with many expectations.

Historical monuments, the ocean, artistic parks, first level urbanism, astonishing architecture, and warmth, a lot of warmth… these are some ingredients that lead Barcelona to be the most cosmopolite city in Spain.

If you are looking for a place to live, renting or buying it, in this article we offer you some reasons that will definitely lead you to change your home into this fantastic city.

Reasons to buy in Barcelona:

Barcelona has everything for all kind of preferences. If you are an adventurous soul and if you like variety, this city is for you. You just have to find the right spot that suits your expectations.

One of the main motives why people choose to live in Barcelona is the weather. The city owns an enviable weather with balanced temperatures at summer and winter. Thanks to its geographical position, at winter time it does not get extremely cold and in summer, temperatures are not unbearable hot. Nevertheless, it is a really humid city, perfect to enjoy at the beach.

Speaking about the beach, Barcelona does have lots of kilometers, fact that turns Barcelona into a great attractive either for its beauty and for the chance of practicing water sports. This city has always supported the practice of any kind of sports: football, basketball, hockey, roller-skate, handball, tennis, surf, windsurf and many others.
It was thanks to The Olympic Games that the city was adapted to any kind of first level sporting needs.

Barcelona’s harbors are an example of the combination of sport and architecture.

Barcelona’s culture is one of the city’s strongholds. Barcelona is full and surrounded of old and millennial stories and history. The Barrio Gótico and the Sagrada Familia, might be the places where to find old architecture, legends… to learn about Barcelona’s history.

The neighborhoods of Born and The Raval, situated one at each side of “La Rambla”, art and culture exchange will be spotted as a quotidian lifestyle. The famous cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar, Plaça de Catalunya, the Port Vell… are examples of this massive cultural repertory.

Entertainment is guaranteed. Living in Barcelona means having fun anywhere of the city. Nightlife, party, music festivals and concerts, theaters, night walks by the sea, and of course, a magnificent gastronomy.

Other important incentives to live in the city are its security, transport system, shopping spots, fashion and school system… any other perfect excuses to love living here.

Thus, living in Barcelona is living with high life quality, a good investment.
We are looking forward to see you here.

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