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Do you know which are the most famous myths and legends of Barcelona? If you are thinking on moving to the city, it is important to know some of the tales of this location. They are not just some old stories, as well, they are a different way to enjoy Barcelona and discover it.

5 legends to enjoy if you rent a place in Barcelona; we have made a selection out of the many tales that exist of this city and that better represent it and that are also told in the touristic guides.

1. Barca Nona:

the classic hero, Hercules, has a tight relation with out territory. Some people affirm that he is buried at western Spain and also the legend says that he landed at the Mediterranean Sea. The city is named after his ninth boat and that got sunken due to a terrible storm.

2. The Liceu story:

as this famous theater is really old, it is easy to find some tales about it. It was built in the 1662 and since then, rumors about secret dances hold in there have been always whispered. Some fires that suffered the theater, people say that are a punishment to these secret dances.

3. Gaudi messages:

many tourists come here to admire the Gaudi master pieces, among them, the Park Guell, searching for some secret messages related to the masonry. From the sacred numbers as number 33 to the lodge’s favorite animals such as the salamander or the pelicano.

4. The Ciudad Condal vampires:

one of the favorite horror stories of Barcelona, is the one about a vampire girl that lived at El Raval some decades ago. Even though she was a prostitute, the tale says that she had a thing for the little ones and she killed or kidnapped them in exchange of economical favors.

5. The girl of the curve: this famous legend has a specific location in Barcelona:

l’Arrabassada, between Sant Cugat and Barcelona. Here, shows up a girl that saves the drivers to have any accident.

Are you thinking in buying a property in Barcelona? If you need more information about the myths and legends of Barcelona you can contact us and get to know more stories of the city.

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