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If you are planning on buying a property in order to rent it afterwards but you still have some doubts, let’s find out the most important facts to keep in mind. Due to the rent increases, lots of people hesitate about investing or not investing.

Actually, we can guarantee you that from all the real estate investment options, this, is the safest and profitable. In our country, Madrid or Barcelona, are the two main tourist destinations and will continue to be.

The real estate investment and its profitability.

Nowadays, in the big cities, the increase of the rents it’s reaching the top. Thus, investing in a place around the outskirts of the city might be a good option, as many people needs to rent a place to live outside the city.

-Young people tend to rent instead of buying due to the high prices.

-There is a high demand on the rental market.

-In Barcelona there are properties which are rented the same day they come to market.

-A little handicap is they might be a little old.

Renting a place means having an extra monthly salary. If you are seeking for a long term profitability, it is recommended to rent, as selling is more expensive.

Is Barcelona a good place to invest in housing?

You should know that Catalonia is most profitable Autonomous Community in Spain, in particular, Barcelona, being next Valencia, Murcia and Madrid.

About Barcelona, the outskirt zones with big population (around 50.000 people) are ideal to invest in. For example, Hospitalet de Llobregat, is the most profitable city around Barcelona.

If you know for sure that you are willing to invest, we suggest you to invest in apartments, flats… rather than houses, as you will get it rented faster and at good terms.

What we recommend you as specialists in real estate investment:

-Keep always in mind the budget that you own. It will let you know which places or zones you can afford to invest in.

-Decide which type of housing you are looking for. At the end, it will be a property of your own.

-Flats and apartments are safer than houses and big properties, thus, it will be less likely to be robbed meaning that you have to invest a little less in security.

-Barcelona is a big city with much tourist activity so you will have no problem to rent your property.

-To rent a place it must be in good conditions and ready to live in. That is why maybe you should invest a little bit of your money in turning it into a comfortable and nice one.

We also will advise you to perform all kind of actions with the help of the professionals. At our agency we provide you personalized advice, help you with the procedures and ensure you the best price.

Moreover, we will help you to choose the best investment. We know the best locations and zones, how easy is to rent a property per zone and the quality of the properties to invest in.
Do not hesitate on asking us!

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