If you are willing to sell your house in Barcelona, you will have to show the property deed during the sell procedure. If you are not able to find it, you will be forced to follow the necessary guideline to get a copy. Down below, you will find the detailed information so you know how to act, where to go and what do you need to apply for it.

What is the property deed?

It is valuable document signed by a notary and which certifies that the person showed as owner is the right one. It is very important to register the writing in the Property Register so it is kept with the correct data base and is always available to the owner at any case, for example, if he or she cannot find it.

It is recommended to hire professional services from a real estate agent so the procedures go faster and easier for you. The expert will take care of organizing everything and will help you with any doubt you may have.

What to do if you cannot find the property deed to sell a property in Barcelona?

Sometimes, with a Simple Note proving that you are the owner aiming to sell your house, maybe you will be able to keep on with the procedure. You will have to go to the Property Register and ask for the Simple Note which it will show the financial and mortgage loans of your property and as well the document with the notary’s signature.

You will also have to handle your ID in order to search faster. If you have several properties it is convenient to make sure you are looking for the right one.

Once you have received the document, you might check that the official date when it was bought, the notary’s name and its location. This data base will help you to know where to go to ask for a copy of the script, in case you need it.

To sum up, to lose the property deed is not such a big deal but, it will take time and money to obtain a copy of it. Remember that the real estate agencies provide the specific services to help you in this kind of procedures.

Ask for information without any kind of commitment!

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