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Do you want to sell your apartment in Barcelona?

If you have an empty apartment in Barcelona, ​​you may have already heard that in the next six months, a team of 15 people hired by the Barcelona City Council will try to locate it, according to an information from the newspaper El País. Apparently, they have already begun in the neighborhoods of Trinitat Nova, Bon Pastor, Baró de Viver and Besòs, starting with a list of apartments suspected of being empty that the Consistory has developed by contrasting data from the register, the land registry and Agbar. This neighborhoods will soon be followed by Gracia and the Raval. The objective, they say, is to identify the owners of these empty flats and put them in the rental market through the City Hall, and for this they will be offered 100% of the cost of rehabilitation works, up to 15,000 euros, and in return the owners will commit to rent the flats for five years at a price that is usually 20% lower than the market.

This is one of the measures suggested after the rise of the rental prices in Barcelona. At the end of last year, the rental prices in Barcelona exceeded the maximum registered in 2007, before the explosion of the real estate bubble. If then the price stood at 15.1 euros per square meter, now they are 15% above that peak, according to the real estate portal Idealista: that is 17.4 euros per square meter. Faced with this rise and the impossibility of many renters to pay the required amounts, the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat are studying how to limit prices or their increases and among the proposals it is the idea of drawing up a reference price in Barcelona and the creation of a tenants union.

Given this new situation, as a homeowner in Barcelona, ​​especially if it is empty and needs a remodeling, it arises a new question that, somehow complements the one we formulated a few weeks ago about the benefits of buying or renting a house. In this case, the question is: what is the best: to sell or to rent my apartment in Barcelona? The only thing we can say is that it is a very personal decision, but market circumstances and their evolution, as well as the socio-political conditions of the moment, must always be taken into account.

What we can guarantee is that if your home is in the old town of Barcelona, you should entrust it to a real estate agent specialized in the area, such as Casc Antic BCN. It is very common to see many properties of the old town managed by real estate in other areas of the city that don’t know very well the neighborhood and its streets, and this hurts the management of the sale attracting the wrong buyer. In Casc Antic BCN we are the only Barcelona agency specialized in the old town and we have an important network of national and international real estate companies that consult and request our properties permanently to satisfy their own demand. When we manage your property, you will be in direct contact with other collaborators from our country, from Germany, China, Russia, Israel, France, UK, Italy and USA, among others.

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