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What will you need to rent a flat in Barcelona?

In recent years, renting a flat in Barcelona has become a task that if not complicated, it could be a little stressful, especially when one decides to do it without any help. To the task of finding the property that suits your tastes and interests, we have to add a list of requirements from the landlord and the disbursement of several months that, if one is not aware, could be a little demotivating. Since we don’t want that to happen to you, we are going to tell you what kind of information you can be asked when renting a house in Barcelona:

For signing the lease:

1.- Identification
This is basic, isn’t it? Both the owner and the real estate agent who manages the rental of the house (if it is managed by a real estate agency) will want to identify you and for that you will need to show them your ID, your passport or your residence card. In addition, this information will be included in the rental agreement. Likewise, you must demand that the data of the owner of the house appear in that contract.

2.- Guarantee of payment
Or, what is the same, reports that demonstrate your economic solvency. It is normal that they ask for your last payroll and even a copy of your work contract to ensure that you have a stable source of income that will allow you to pay the rent. Some times, there are people who are reluctant to show that kind of information, but remember that you are entering someone’s house and that, somehow, they need to have certain guarantees. If you don’t feel like giving all that data to a person, we recommend that you carry out the process through a real estate agency of your confidence that assures the confidentiality of your information.

3.- Deposit
This is a requirement established by the Law of Urban Leases of 1994. In its article 36.1, it says that at the time of signing the contract you must deliver to the landlord the equivalent amount to one month of rent of your apartment and that it must be in cash. It may also happen that they request two months in advance, one as a deposit and another as an additional guarantee with which it is ensured that the tenant will fulfill all their obligations. We will tell you more about that in the following point, but bear in mind that when renting a house we must have prepared the equivalent of at least three months of rent: two of deposit plus guarantee and the month of rent corresponding to your entry into the house.

4. Bank guarantee, personal guarantee or non-payment insurance

Sometimes, as we said in the previous point, in addition to the deposit, the owner or the real estate agency can request a bank or personal guarantee to be sure that, in case the tenant accumulates debts, he can collect it with that accumulated money or claiming it to the guarantor. Other option is to hire a non-payment insurance which protects against financial defaults of a buyer or borrower under a contractual payment obligation for any reason.


Before signing the contract, check carefully the conditions that will apply during the time you live in that house. Note that the price of the rent is the one previously agreed, learn what includes and what does not include the rental, check the duration of the contract and who is responsible for community expenses, housing taxes, liability insurance, etc., as well as who will be in charge of the home repairs of any type of breakdown in the home.

It is also important that you examine the inventory. Also write down any type of damage that you find on walls and furniture or appliances and get that information to the owner or agency, so that later can not be claimed to you.

Last but not least, keep in mind that, even if it is a little more expensive, renting a home through a trusted real estate agency will avoid you many headaches. Casc Antic BCN is registered in the Registre d’agents inmobiliaris de Catalunya, offering all the guarantees and insurance required by law, so you can trust us when it comes to renting a house.

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