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Comprar piso en Barcelona, el mejor momento

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piso en venta en barcelona«There has never been a better time to buy in Spain than now». These are the words of Mark Stucklin, founder of Spanish Property Insight, and many other analysts and real estate experts from across Europe.

After the fall of property prices, which in some cases has reached 50%, buyers are in a position of advantage over those who bought in the boom years. Now, after a vertical drop, prices are stabilizing.

Another positive effect of the crisis, for buyers, is the possibility to buy more safely. The real estate bubble cleaned the market from bad manners: Casc Antic BCN, and other real estate agencies that survived the crisis, did it through their professionalism, honesty and reliability.

Invest in Spain turns out to be a favorable option then, and even more in the center of Barcelona, where the prime location of the apartments ensures high profitability.

Buying an apartment in El Born, in Gothic or Raval is also an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to purchase a second house in a lovely location, with a very high quality of life and an enviable cultural activities.

The charm of Barcelona, its climate and lifestyle survive the crisis and never go out of style.

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