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Comprar un piso a reformar en el centro de Barcelona tiene ventajas

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14According to most official real estate statistics, second-hand properties have always been sold more than the new ones. Experts say buying a second-hand flat to reform , located in the heart of a city, is the best option right now.

The first reason is certainly in the purchase price : the second-hand apartments can be purchased for a lower value, considering that the margin for negotiation is wider during the purchase process.

In addition, older properties tend to have better location than the new ones, as they are located in inner cities, where you can find all kinds of services to ensure a high quality of life .

An apartment with a cheaper price and possibilities of renovation can be perfect to suit the buyer’s needs, for personal use or and in terms of investment. You can think and make a new distribution with the aim of renting out the flat, organize the space for greater functionality, renovate facilities to achieve significant energy savings, leave the flat spotless, by furnishing and decorating it as you like.

And all these actions end up increasing the value of the property in the market and, in the case of an investment, can provide even higher returns.

The Old Town of Barcelona is the perfect place for this type of purchase: attractive prices, buildings and neighborhoods with character, great location, more attractive to potential tenants, high returns and safety of rental.

At the time of purchase, relying on the work of a real estate company specialized in the Old Town of Barcelona such as Casc Antic BCN makes it easier to find out if there is any problem in the building, for example if it has a problem of leaks. The recognized professional advice guarantees a secure purchase with no surprises .

Moreover, with its the renovation team , Casc Antic BCN can provide the best options for renewal in terms of price, quality and time, with estimates adjusted to the needs of each client and solutions to get the highest incomes from the newly acquired property .

In the following gallery, a very interesting example of works done by Casc Antic BCN in a flat in Borne neighborhood:

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