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El precio medio de la vivienda baja el 9,3% en Barcelona

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baja de precios viviendas barcelonaAccording to the real estate website, analyzing data from the Ministry of Development, the sales prices of properties in Catalonia have fallen by 9.8% since June 2012. The quarterly index marks a decline of 2.7%.

In Barcelona city, prices fell by 9.3% and in the counties of the metropolitan area prices fall up to 14%.

Data take into account an average of prices, without specifically analyze the characteristics of flats for sale in different areas of Barcelona.

The advice and support of a specialized real estate market is essential for both the buyer and the seller, to know the exact conditions of prices for each property, updated according to the current trends and adjusted to characteristics of the apartment.

Casc Antic BCN, the real estate agency in the Old Town of Barcelona, offers a free valuation of property to owners who want to sell their apartment, respecting the value of the property and setting its price at the current market context.

With respect to the buyer, Casc Antic BCN offers a selection of apartments for sale in the center of Barcelona at a real price, result of the analysis of all aspects: size, distribution, orientation, location, estimated price of rental and investment prospects.

Today more than ever is the time to buy a flat in the center of Barcelona, as the real estate market experts foresee a stabilization of prices of flats on sale starting from next year.

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