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Comprar para alquilar en Barcelona

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Barcelona is a constant magnet for young students, workers and tourists from Spain and various points of Europe and the world. This is mainly generated by its strategic geographical location and the fact that is the second largest city in Spain.  Due to its pleasant climate, the city is also overtaking Amsterdam as the gay capital of Europe, being one of the most gay friendly cities of the world.
Barcelona, city of contrasts and constant changes: its cultural activities, tourist attractions, universities, sports, nightlife, sea and good weather just give a short range of the numerous reasons for choosing this place for a new home or a good investment.

The demand for apartments for rent is high, especially in central areas with public transport facilities. This demand has sustained profitability by keeping in a from 4,4% to 6% per annum on the value of the property.

Casc Antic BCN is specialized in serving owners of apartments for rent. We select the perfect tenant, we ask for references and collateral to assure the peace of mind of the property owner. We also offer have services for repairs and arrangements, as well as housekeeping.

With our expertise we will be able to suggest you when, where and how to buy an apartment in Barcelona city centre and old quarter, with the aim of renting it out.

It’s important to clarify some points:


• The increased demand for rentals is located in the downtown area of Barcelona, particularly in Ciutat Vella (the Old Town) which attracts young people from around the world for its important cultural, social life and proximity to the sea.

• The small flats have a higher income yield than the most expensive and large ones, it is always preferable to have 2 small apartments than a large one.

• Whenever you rent out a flat, it’s better to show it equipped, fully furnished, neat and painted, ready to leave in. It’s important because if the apartment is in good conditions we will have better tenants, rent it faster and better defend its value.

• We have a very low risk of default, the profile of tenants our company attends and the legal precautions we take allow it.

• Property prices have lowered approximately 40% after the real estate property boom from 1995 to 2007.

• If you choose us, you won’t have to pay any agency fee. All the rental operation costs will be borne by your new tenants.

• When managing your property for rent, we are able to rent it out very quickly, by publishing announcements and optimizing their position in the most important real estate websites in Spain.

Buy to let a property in Barcelona centre through Casc Antic BCN. It’s the right investment.

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